At BZC, we pride ourselves on sharing our experience with all zebra finch fans.

The purpose of this is to maintain and even increase the quality of zebra finches and the quality of breeding them.

That's why your experience is so important to our members.
You can share your experience by sending us an article about your breeding and your zebra finches.
This way you promote your zebra finches and zebra finches in general.

You don't have to worry about presentation. Our editors will do so. Everything you send us will be  published under copyright. This means that we will not pass on any of your texts nor photos to third parties without your approval.

Your text can be large or small:
* an anecdote
* a special breeding result
* a report on the breeding of a certain mutation or mutation combination
* a story about your zebra finch housing or feeding
* ....


We also ask for an introduction of yourself with a photo. This part serves as an introduction to your article.

We ask for photos of your birds (old and young), your breeding area and products you offer your birds (vitamins, special seeds, egg food, ....).

Alongside is a questionnaire that you can use as a guideline when writing your article.
You do not have to answer all the questions.

On the right you will find a form to e-mail your text and photos.

Thanks in advance.


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