The promotional color

Every year we highlight one of our color varieties, a mutation or a combination. Our EC, the show committee, advises us on the choice of that color variety.

Each color variety is promoted for two years.
Thus, there are always two promotional colors during each exhibition season. It is a custom that the year after the "classic" color variety, the combinations based on that "classic" color variety are promoted.

The promotional color are featured in our magazine, at meetings, shows, in the branches and at the annual 'Zebra Finch Festival'.

The winner of the promotional colorway is rewarded with a specific trophy at each show.

The list

2023: blackface: classic color
              blackface: combinations 

2024: blackface: combinations
              phaeo: classic color (isabel)

2025: phaeo: classic color (isabel)
              phaeo: combinations

2026: phaeo: combinations
              dilute: classic color

2027: dilute: classic color
               dilute: combinations