Promotion colours for the coming years

Every year, we reintroduce one of our colour varieties, a mutation or a combination.
Our technical and exhibition committees advise us on the choice of that colour variety. Both committees are attentive spectators at our shows: they monitor both quality and quantity.

Each colour variety remains valid as a promotional colour for two years.
Thus, there are always two promotional mutations during each show season. It is customary that the year after the 'pure' colour variety the combinations based on that 'pure' colour variety are promoted.
Example: if blackbreast is in the spotlight this year, combinations with blackbreast will be added next year.

The promotional mutations are discussed in our magazine, at meetings in the regional societies and at the annual 'Zebra Finch Festival'.
The winner in the promotion colours is awarded a specific trophy at each show.

Promotion colours 
2023combinations with blackface 
2024: phaeo,  classic colours
2025: combinations with phaeo
2026: dilute,  classic colours
2027: combinations with dilute

The classic colours are: grey, fawn, ligthback and cfw