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BZC manages your data to serve you in the best way possible.
By your address details we mean: name, street + number, city or town, and optionally e-mail and phone/mobile number. By maintaining your address details, we ensure that you receive our magazine "the Zebra" at regularly scheduled intervals.
Through the "Newsletter" of our website, we will send you the latest information about club life and the zebra finch world.

Security and processing
Your address details (see above) are securely managed by the 'Member Administrator' and stored in a database on the administrator's computer. That database is password protected. Moreover, the computer of the member administrator is also optimally secured. The member manager is your contact for all operations on your data: retrieval, modification and deletion. As long as you are a member, your data are kept by the member manager. Your data will only be used for BZC club activities as mentioned above. BZC undertakes not to pass on your data to third parties and not to companies for commercial purposes, for example. BZC undertakes, in the event of a data leak, to inform members as soon as possible.

Member administrator BZCLuk Lievrouw
De Volderstraat 1
9800 Deinze

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